Da Nang will bring visitors a quality Ba Na tour, the right service, and the right departure time for visitors to have the right tour.

07h45-08h15: Da Nang car and guide pick up guests at hotels in the city center. Depart to visit Ba Na Hills tourist area, a destination not to be missed when coming to Da Nang.

09h00: The car takes the group to the foot of Ba Na mountain, visitors are free to take pictures to check in while waiting for the tour guide to get tickets.

After that, visitors will have about 20 minutes to travel by one-wire cable car system and enjoy the cool air of the mountains.

09h45: Stepping out of the cabin, visitors will come to a hot tourist destination – Golden Bridge (also known as Tay Bridge) with unique and impressive architecture that will give visitors a wonderful experience like ice. through heaven.

Next, visitors will visit Le Jadin D’Amour flower garden with 9 flower garden systems, Debay ancient wine cellar nearly 100 years old and Linh Ung 2 pagoda with a 27m high statue of Shakyamuni Buddha.

Continue moving by cable car to French Village, this is the central area of Ba Na Hills.

11:30: Have lunch at the restaurant

12h30: Freely take pictures with Gothic castles in French Village, have fun in Fantasy Park with more than 100 free games, visit the first wax museum in Vietnam with 49 statues of people famous (expenses for wax museum at your own expense) or find peaceful moments at Linh Chua Linh Tu temple, Tru Vu tea shop, Linh Phong tower….

15h00: Focus on queuing down the cable car, the car will take you back to the center of Da Nang city.

16h30-17h00: Take the group back to the hotel, say goodbye and see off the group. End of Ba Na Hills tour in the morning and afternoon.

The tour time is subject to change and may be longer than the scheduled time, in order to ensure a comfortable and healthy tour for visitors when participating in the tour.

– The first of all reasons, is that Da Nang Green will ABSOLUTELY NOT DRIVE YOU INTO THE STONE VILLAGE no matter in the morning or in the afternoon. Even specialty shopping: confectionery, dry goods… if you don’t want, we don’t force you to get a percentage.

– Shuttle bus to all hotels in the center or along the coast

– Before the pick-up, the tour guide will call you 30 minutes in advance to prepare, you will have time to have breakfast and prepare your things to have a great trip.

– Our passenger cars are guaranteed to be new cars (from 2018 to present)

– Da Nang’s guide will definitely accompany you on all the itinerary, except for the free time for you to take pictures freely

– Da Nang will collect money after you have experienced the whole trip, so you will not be afraid of being cheated

– If you book a tour with lunch, your lunch will definitely be eaten at Ba Na’s restaurant in the resort, not at the foot of the mountain.

– First of all, Da Nang is very pleased and grateful when you trust us to choose from countless other attractive options and we will certainly return your trust that you will have a Extremely interesting travel experience with Da Nang Green

– Da Nang always puts the mind as the first criterion in work because we want to let you feel the beauty of the people as well as the landscape when you come to Da Nang.

– The team always do their best for you to have a fun and memorable trip. Later, when you want to go somewhere to relax, you will immediately think of Da Nang, not somewhere else

– We always put ourselves in the mind of tourists when designing tours for you or when booking services for your trip. So if you have any problems when using our service, please let us know

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